Pre-order is live!

All right, #TheGoddessFracture is running a week behind schedule for release, but its preorder is live and you can get your copy here –>

This book is going to get print copies too!! I’d like to go wide with it when it exits Kindle Unlimited, too.

If there are any fans who are wondering why I’ve started two series’ simultaneously, I can say that #Everdark will be a long series and #TheGoddessFracture is an old idea that rolled around in my head for years before this point. What I mean is that neither series is going away! They’re just simultaneous.

Pick up your copy early and don’t forget to leave a review. My readers are my guides.

The book is live!


This is a free book on Kindle Unlimited and just $2.99 on Amazon. As soon as I have enough fans, I -will- put this and all other books out for print, as well as through other venues, but for right now, I need to get it circulated for free by Kindle!


Pick up your copy here and please review! —>