Finding Myself as a Writer

First of all, I got a new job as a game writer for a prestigious company I can’t mention by name. Because of this, my time as an indie writer has been cut way down. But I’m not going anywhere. Don’t unfollow me. Don’t unfriend me. I will produce multiple books this year, as soon as I get into a rhythm with this new job.

Second of all and most importantly, I’m taking a break from the #Everdark series, and I’m not sure if I’ll return to it or not. Reviews for both first-in-series were mixed, and I want a series that really knocks my audience out of their socks.

So, I’m going to take a -break- but not a -quit- and really absorb the criticisms I received, and think about myself as a writer. My Facebook mentions this more in depth, but let’s just say, I’m not sure where I’ve been going. The reverse harem element of #Everdark felt forced, and the style was mine, but… it was missing something.

Thanks for reading, and checking in with my blog. I still have a book about a dragon that I will be releasing soon, but the new job has come to the forefront of my focus and my cover artist is undergoing some health issues. We are on indefinite hold for what is technically book #3, but in some ways is book #1. 🙂

I will post as soon as I have a solid concept for my next book, or as soon as I have a blurb or cover reveal for my dragon book, titled His Human Assistant.

The Goddess Fracture rewrite

After receiving preliminary reviews from beta readers, I’ve decided to rewrite The Goddess Fracture #1. I’ve had this concept for a long time and want to make sure it is perfect. I’ll update with a new release date soon. My next book coming out is now a standalone called His Human Assistant, followed by the 2nd book of the Everdark Oracle series. Keep reading and know that The Goddess Fracture is only being taken away so it can be the absolute best on its release day!

Poll in my FB fan group

Big news: I just got a job as a game writer for Pixelberry Studios. If you’ve never played one of their games, check them out, because they’re a lot of fun. It’s story-driven, decision-based gameplay, almost more like a graphic novel, with romances, horrors, and fantasies.

Now my writing time will be cut down and I’m releasing a dragon romance standalone, His Human Assistant, in March so that I have more time to write. (His Human Assistant is already written and ready to go.)

In the meantime, though, I’m going to publish a poll in my Facebook fan group, and see which series (Everdark or Goddess Fracture) has the strongest pull for a second book right tf now!

So come on down and sign up if you want to participate. You can always leave me comments and emails too. I love feedback. Thank you all so much for reading.

FB fan group –>


Pre-order is live!

All right, #TheGoddessFracture is running a week behind schedule for release, but its preorder is live and you can get your copy here –>

This book is going to get print copies too!! I’d like to go wide with it when it exits Kindle Unlimited, too.

If there are any fans who are wondering why I’ve started two series’ simultaneously, I can say that #Everdark will be a long series and #TheGoddessFracture is an old idea that rolled around in my head for years before this point. What I mean is that neither series is going away! They’re just simultaneous.

Pick up your copy early and don’t forget to leave a review. My readers are my guides.

Blurb reveal!

Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please… the blurb for my next release!


Everyone says I make bad decisions, but falling in love with an escape artist was my worst.


Jules disappears all the time. So do I! It’s just the way we are. But this time, he doesn’t come back. I have to follow the clues to find him, and they lead me to a town where people are known to disappear—and I disappear too.


Now I’m regaining consciousness in a cage. In the stone ruins of a temple. Deep in the uncharted wilderness. Surrounded by some kind of primitive people. Oh, and there’s Julian.


Their leader says that “Ariann Dillinger” is dead, and I’m now the reincarnation of their goddess, Caz. Their goddess of life and death. I have to play along to stay alive long enough to escape, and it almost works. One morning I wake up unsupervised, unchained, no cage.


There’s only one problem: I wake up as Caz.


As reality dissolves beneath my feet, escape dissolves with it. What happens during my black-outs? Can I trust anyone–even myself? Are the things I’m seeing real? Have I stumbled onto some territory between the spirit and material world… or am I going mad?


THE GODDESS FRACTURE is a fantasy adventure series with a noir mystery twist. Follow Ariann through a deep, rich new world of mysticism, sabotage, and sacrifice.



The book is live!


This is a free book on Kindle Unlimited and just $2.99 on Amazon. As soon as I have enough fans, I -will- put this and all other books out for print, as well as through other venues, but for right now, I need to get it circulated for free by Kindle!


Pick up your copy here and please review! —>