The Goddess Fracture rewrite

After receiving preliminary reviews from beta readers, I’ve decided to rewrite The Goddess Fracture #1. I’ve had this concept for a long time and want to make sure it is perfect. I’ll update with a new release date soon. My next book coming out is now a standalone called His Human Assistant, followed by the 2nd book of the Everdark Oracle series. Keep reading and know that The Goddess Fracture is only being taken away so it can be the absolute best on its release day!

The book is live!


This is a free book on Kindle Unlimited and just $2.99 on Amazon. As soon as I have enough fans, I -will- put this and all other books out for print, as well as through other venues, but for right now, I need to get it circulated for free by Kindle!


Pick up your copy here and please review! —>



Cover reveal and blurb for The Virgin Sacrifice!

My first book, THE VIRGIN SACRIFICE (EVERDARK ORACLE 1), is now FREE to mailing list subscribers and ARC reviewers. Check out this beautiful cover. -melts into a pink puddle-



The wedding is off, and all I want to do is get drunk with my friends… Until three beautiful monsters crash the party.


I’ve always had this little gift. I can tell when something bad is about to happen. I have excellent foresight with other people—but less so in my own personal life. I didn’t know that my fiancé was cheating on me, for example. I didn’t find that out until the night of my bachelorette party.

Now I’m trapped in this neo-goth nightclub, hunting for a revenge fuck, when three beautiful monsters walk into the bar… and I’m not joking. They’re here for me. I’m supposed to come with them. And they didn’t get the memo about that revenge fuck.

I’m supposed to be the key, the Oracle says. I’m supposed to save Everdark from a “war of the dead.” And all I have to do is sacrifice my heart.




If you’re looking for a fast-paced, steamy read in a dark and twisted universe, try me out. Bon appétit!

Half-finished with first book

I know I have to write quickly, so there’s a lot of pressure on me to make it right now. All I’ve got to save me is this loan and the hope that it will matter that I’m a writer. I got fired because my boss thought that the quality of the books didn’t matter, and he could hire someone half as expensive as I was. Let’s show him that quality does matter.

This first book is going to be really steamy paranormal romance, but I also write sci-fi and horror to varying degrees of adult themes and I love them all, so please, if you like a good story, follow me and friend me.

My story

I’ve always been a paranormal writer. My first story was written at the age of seven, and it was about a little girl who accidentally starts taking care of a witch’s familiar as her pet. My favorite author as a girl was LJ Smith, the creator of Vampire Diaries. During high school and college, I wrote a total of five books, mostly about monsters (one about N Sync), and after college, I started working as an underpaid ghostwriter. People said to me, “Aren’t you worried that something you wrote while become famous, and you won’t get any credit for it?” and I said no because I thought that it would never happen.

It happened almost immediately.

I’ve also got a nice, 5-year gap in my portfolio due to tight non-disclosure agreements.

But enough is enough. After watching an original series of mine launch immediately into the Top 10 of a very competitive Amazon sales category, I just snapped and decided that I can do this myself. Readers love me; they just don’t know that it’s been me this whole time.

I quit my job. I took out a loan. And now, here I am. Not a ghost anymore.

I’m currently outlining the first 3 books of a possible 5-part (or more) vampire drama. It’s twisted and gritty with a reverse harem on top. Please check back for updates. In fact, just join my newsletter and friend me on Facebook. That’ll be way easier.