The book is live!


This is a free book on Kindle Unlimited and just $2.99 on Amazon. As soon as I have enough fans, I -will- put this and all other books out for print, as well as through other venues, but for right now, I need to get it circulated for free by Kindle!


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My story

I’ve always been a paranormal writer. My first story was written at the age of seven, and it was about a little girl who accidentally starts taking care of a witch’s familiar as her pet. My favorite author as a girl was LJ Smith, the creator of Vampire Diaries. During high school and college, I wrote a total of five books, mostly about monsters (one about N Sync), and after college, I started working as an underpaid ghostwriter. People said to me, “Aren’t you worried that something you wrote while become famous, and you won’t get any credit for it?” and I said no because I thought that it would never happen.

It happened almost immediately.

I’ve also got a nice, 5-year gap in my portfolio due to tight non-disclosure agreements.

But enough is enough. After watching an original series of mine launch immediately into the Top 10 of a very competitive Amazon sales category, I just snapped and decided that I can do this myself. Readers love me; they just don’t know that it’s been me this whole time.

I quit my job. I took out a loan. And now, here I am. Not a ghost anymore.

I’m currently outlining the first 3 books of a possible 5-part (or more) vampire drama. It’s twisted and gritty with a reverse harem on top. Please check back for updates. In fact, just join my newsletter and friend me on Facebook. That’ll be way easier.