Blurb reveal!

Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please… the blurb for my next release!


Everyone says I make bad decisions, but falling in love with an escape artist was my worst.


Jules disappears all the time. So do I! It’s just the way we are. But this time, he doesn’t come back. I have to follow the clues to find him, and they lead me to a town where people are known to disappear—and I disappear too.


Now I’m regaining consciousness in a cage. In the stone ruins of a temple. Deep in the uncharted wilderness. Surrounded by some kind of primitive people. Oh, and there’s Julian.


Their leader says that “Ariann Dillinger” is dead, and I’m now the reincarnation of their goddess, Caz. Their goddess of life and death. I have to play along to stay alive long enough to escape, and it almost works. One morning I wake up unsupervised, unchained, no cage.


There’s only one problem: I wake up as Caz.


As reality dissolves beneath my feet, escape dissolves with it. What happens during my black-outs? Can I trust anyone–even myself? Are the things I’m seeing real? Have I stumbled onto some territory between the spirit and material world… or am I going mad?


THE GODDESS FRACTURE is a fantasy adventure series with a noir mystery twist. Follow Ariann through a deep, rich new world of mysticism, sabotage, and sacrifice.



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