Finding Myself as a Writer

First of all, I got a new job as a game writer for a prestigious company I can’t mention by name. Because of this, my time as an indie writer has been cut way down. But I’m not going anywhere. Don’t unfollow me. Don’t unfriend me. I will produce multiple books this year, as soon as I get into a rhythm with this new job.

Second of all and most importantly, I’m taking a break from the #Everdark series, and I’m not sure if I’ll return to it or not. Reviews for both first-in-series were mixed, and I want a series that really knocks my audience out of their socks.

So, I’m going to take a -break- but not a -quit- and really absorb the criticisms I received, and think about myself as a writer. My Facebook mentions this more in depth, but let’s just say, I’m not sure where I’ve been going. The reverse harem element of #Everdark felt forced, and the style was mine, but… it was missing something.

Thanks for reading, and checking in with my blog. I still have a book about a dragon that I will be releasing soon, but the new job has come to the forefront of my focus and my cover artist is undergoing some health issues. We are on indefinite hold for what is technically book #3, but in some ways is book #1. 🙂

I will post as soon as I have a solid concept for my next book, or as soon as I have a blurb or cover reveal for my dragon book, titled His Human Assistant.

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