Let Me Explain

I know what you’re thinking. I subscribed to your newsletter. I joined your fan group! And you totally disappeared. 

That’s true. But, after a long hiatus to acclimate to my new job as a game writer, I’ve returned… with books. Not only am I going to complete The Everdark Oracle & Goddess Fracture series’, I’m also going to release a third series, Rebel Hearts.

Because most of Rebel Hearts is already finished, I’m going to release it first, but this is NOT going to be a string of first-in-series releases with no conclusion. I just have Rebel Hearts ready to go!

And I don’t want to wait!

So thanks for sticking around, and I’ll be back soon with more goodies for you.

Hey, why is your name changed on some social media? 

That’s my real name you’re seeing, you lucky duck. “Sera James” is a combination of my children’s names, and it’s a pen name. (What can I say? I have a gift for choosing beautiful and romantic names.) It’s in the process of being reverted to Sera James again, but the process can be slow.

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